#eats : Empire Kitchen & Cocktails

Tried a out a new restaurant in Detroit for a date night. It was a pretty cool atmosphere, reminds me of something you would see on Sex In The City. The staff was cool dressed causally in cool sneakers and jeans. The important is the food lol. I went with the Chicken wings and Mac... Continue Reading →


#eats : Detroit 75

Detroit 75 is a favorite stop of mine. I hate that they don't stay open past 5PM and don't have weekend hours, but when I can make it they never disappoint. This time I tried the BBQ chicken egg rolls and my wife had the chicken tenders. We also gave the strawberry lemonade a chance... Continue Reading →


Screen shots are the new sticky note. Anything that I want to remember or put to use I screen shot it. This week I came across some pretty good advice about the music industry, but I felt it was good advice in general for any creative. Check out the info below and screenshot it for... Continue Reading →

John Geiger Co x Misplaced Checks

The Nike Air Force one is the most classic and iconic silhouette in shoe history. Recently Nike has let creatives come in and out their spin on the timeless sneaker from Virgil Abloh to Travis Scott to Don C. I think they forgot one person and that person being John Geiger. I first found the... Continue Reading →

#Art by @_nameless

Nameless is known for his production credits but the Flint native is mean with the sketch pen below are some of my favorites that he has posted on his Instagram page

#eats: Brooklyn Street Local

Me and my family love to eat and more importantly we love to eat brunch. This week my wife picked the restaurant because we saw great pictures online. For me the secret to a good brunch is in the potatoes. A good roasted potato is the secret to knowing what to do in the kitchen... Continue Reading →

#eats: Pie Sci

Pie Sci has a special place in my pizza heart, it has quickly become my go to spot for pizza. If I'm ordering and don't care to drive a few minutes or if we are doing a sit down family pizza meal. This trip we tried the Hani Depp (White pizza with hand-battered chicken strips,... Continue Reading →

Fila Mindblower

Fila has made its lane in holding the flag for heritage with clothing and shoes. This time around Fila is taking a stab with the bulky sole game by retroing the Fila Mindblower. This release is special because they are doing 50 collaborations to launch the sneaker with pop ups around the world. The campaign... Continue Reading →

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