Do we listen to music or skim through it?

It seems like over the years as music as grown the attention span has shortened with time. We have saw music go from vinyl to cassette to CD to MP3. As we were able to gain faster access to how we chose to listen. It seems that we are quicker to want the next batch. On every Friday when music releases you can find various posts on social media declaring if the album is classic or trash. 

I grew up listening to music for weeks before we determined the status of it. The first line of intergrity was how many mics The Source gave it. Then it had to live up to the mics. I played it in my room loud, in the headphones loud and lastly it had to get played in the car with my uncles. Then we could say if it was hard or not. The crazy thing is we never deemed anything a classic. I don’t want to come off as an old head or bitter because I still love hip hop. Even though the internet is blamed for oversaturation it give Artist that wouldn’t have a deal or who would have been dropped from their labels outlets to release the music we want to hear from them. The artist I think took advantage the most was Joe Budden. He had label trouble since the beginning and he was the first to continue to feed the fan base. 

All I want to do is say listen. Sit with the music don’t rush to a judgement so you can be apart of the hottest thread. Be an individual that’s what we were all made for right? 


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